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Persons are the Heart and Soul of Hermes Expo International. Several unforgettable Americans made an impression. Each year, A legendary educator presents his philosophy. Dr. Dean Lomis and his wife Tula made the trip from Delaware to Hermes Expo 2014 to promote Hellenism. They come every year.

Dr. Dean andnMrs. Lomis. Photo by Stavroula Raia
Dr. Dean and Mrs. Lomis. Photo by Stavroula Raia

Who is Dr. Dean Lomis? He is an international scholar, respected university professor, patriotic Greek-American, a military man and father of medical doctors who is keeping Hellenism alive for the next generation of his family. He is a writer, widely read in the global community. “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber, said Plato,” explained Dr. Lomis at Hermes Expo 2014. “In our day, this means that if we do not support the efforts of our community, we fall into the negative citizen responsibility that Pericles despised. Supporting Hermes is a first step today.”

“When I was stationed in Germany from 1956-57, I could not go to what was then ‘East Berlin in East Germany, under Communist domination,” he explained. “But in 2002, after the fall of Communism, I attended an international education conference in East Berlin. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the Pergamum Museum from being inside it. The way it is set up, one feels that one is part of the original time. It is a magnificent site.”

Stavroula Raia, who photographed Hermes Expo International 2014, said “Dr. Lomis is an interesting person of analytical intellect, dignified and well spoken. He has orchestrated his life and family to reflect his love of his Greek-American culture’s ‘ethima and ethimata’ (ethics and traditions). An American air force veteran in addition to his education profession, he has lived and accomplished more than most. He is admirable.”

Mrs. Elaine Papantinas of Newark, Delaware, said “Dean is my brother. We have a bond of loyalty to him and Tula.” Mr. Paul Kotrotsios, Founder and Publisher of the Hellenic News of America and Hermes Expo International, has mobilized Greek Americans searching for their toots in the North East. Many families are from the early 1900’s and 1922 immigration from the dismemberment of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. His smile and dynamic family have created Hermes Expo through the help of private industry.

Dr. Nicholas Hadgis, Dean of Hospitality School at Widener University. Photo by Stavroula Raia.
Dr. Nicholas Hadgis, Dean of Hospitality School at Widener University. Photo by Stavroula Raia.

Dr. Nicholas Hadgis, Dean of the Hospitality Management School of Widener University, spoke toGreek Reporter in a down to earth style about his Greek heritage and the Hospitality Industry at Hermes Expo 2014. “My wife is from Cyprus,” he said. Dr. Hadgis will moderate a panel discussion on trends in the hospitality industry at the 2015 Hermes Expo International.

Delaware County and Greater Philadelphia businesses specializing or targeting healthcare and the hospitality industries are invited to participate in this year’s Hermes Expo. It is a trade show providing networking opportunities for businesses in the Delaware County, Brandywine Valley and the Greater Philadelphia area. It will be held on Tuesday, March 31, at The Best Western Hotel, Concordville, PA from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Admission is free, just bring your business card.

- Marion J. Civera, Jr., Chairman Delaware County Council (left) speaking at Hermes Expo 2014.
Marion J. Civera, Jr., Chairman Delaware County Council (left) speaking at Hermes Expo 2014.

Hermes Expo International is a leading B2B Trade Show and Exhibition networking company in America, promoting commerce, communications and culture. Now in its twenty-fourth year, it is one of Philadelphia’s premier networking events. The Expo enables regional business owners make connections with their counterparts from the Greater Philadelphia Area, North America, Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The theme is “Greeks and Philhellenes Working Together.” The Expo will feature panel discussion on key areas affecting our economy:  healthcare and the hospitality industry. Dr. Constantinos Plestis, System Chief, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at Lankenau Heart Institute, part of Main Line Health will be the keynote speaker at the Hermes Expo dinner.

CEO Kastanis (4th from left) with Dr. Anthony J. Limberakis (left to right), Paul Kotrotsios and Aris Melissaratos. Photo by Aphrodite Kotrotsios.
CEO Kastanis (4th from left) with Dr. Anthony J. Limberakis (left to right), Paul Kotrotsios and Aris Melissaratos. Photo by Aphrodite Kotrotsios.

The Ted Spyropoulos Seminar Series will begin. Mr. Spyropoulos was an inspirational leader in the Greek-American community. He believed that if we worked together, we could move mountains. The seminar will feature business and political leaders discussing issues to help build bridges between the US, Greece, South Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean countries. The inaugural topic is “Tourism and Trade on Both Sides of the Atlantic.” The panel speakers include: Aris Melissaratos, Aris Institute;  Christos Panagopoulos, Ambassador of Greece to the U.S.;  Marion J. Civera, Jr., Chairman Delaware County Council; Les Vail, President of the Gloucester Chamber of Commerce; Anthony Ceballos, Director, U.S. Export Assistance Center Philadelphia; Constantine Galanis, CEO, Apollo S.A.

Mr. Hionas (2nd from left) being honored.
Mr. Hionas (2nd from left) being honored.

From noon until 5:30 PM, the Hermes Expo Exhibits are open to Hermes attendees and the public. This year, there will be 60 exhibit booths. Businesses represented are from the food industry, travel and tourism, banking and finance, insurance, legal services, marbles & granites, Information technology, and more. Sponsors involved are Performance/Roma Foods Foodservice in cooperation with the Brandywine Valley Restaurant Association for vendors and manufacturers.

The evening Awards Dinner will honor: The Honorable Diane Titus (D-NV) US Congresswoman; Dr. Nicholas Hadgis, Dean of Hospitality School at Widener University; Dean Laskaris of Laskaris and Laskaris CPA Firm and President of the Saint Sophia’s Greek Community; Philip Frangos, Esq, Supreme President of the AHEPA and Supreme Lodge along with Districts #4 and #5; Dr. Angelo Karakasis APEX  Medical & Rehab and the Korologos Brothers of Double T Diners.

The Hermes Expo International hosts a series of events held annually in New York and the Philadelphia region featuring exclusive level networking opportunities, professional development seminars, educational panels and a trade show exhibition platform for businesses seeking to grow and expand. If your business has specific needs, the Hermes Expo team can customize a sponsorship package to meet them. Please contact Paul Kotrotsios at 484-843-4984 or 610-202-4465 or e-mail.

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